The Cursus Honorum Foundation

About Us

Western Civilization and its fruits are in danger. There are those who misguidedly believe that Western Civilization has been a vehicle for oppression and violence throughout the world since its inception. Rather than acknowledging that such behavior is part of the human tradition, these poor people would rather blame a particular civilization for all the world’s ills.

It is difficult to accept the truth of the human condition, and far easier to blame one group or another. Were these people a minority, or mere children, patience would be the appropriate remedy. Unfortunately, they hold power and influence and use them to work assiduously to dismantle a civilization they neither appreciate nor understand. They are as children gleefully destroying without regard to the cost or consequence. We bear them no ill will, but they cannot be allowed to continue to destroy the patrimony of our ancestors.

The Cursus Honorum Foundation asks those of you who still believe in the potency and value of Western Civilization to stand up and be counted among those who will not allow their culture to be defiled and destroyed by its ungrateful children. Rather we shall fight, red in tooth and claw to protect it, and to give succor and aid to those who join us in that struggle. This Foundation stands for Western Civilization and its greatest achievement, the United States Constitution.